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If you're going overseas, travel insurance is as important as apassport. Check the Singapore Customs website for full guidelines. For more information see Requirement for Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination for Air Passengers. Please try again later. Travellers may: Why is there a need for visitors to purchase COVID-19 travel insurance? No. Where we're flying. Upon collection,you must download the TraceTogether app and immediately registeryour profile on the app withyour Singapore mobile number and the same identification number, nationality and date of birth as those shown in the passport that you are using to enter Singapore. Adhere to all prevailing public health measures while in Singapore; and. Please confirm your requirements directly with the offices/websites of your place of origin and destination. See Checklist for Fully Vaccinated Travellers ( "You can go through customs with your health declaration result, and China Customs may conduct random sampling inspections," it added. Instead, eligible travellers flying directly to China can take anAntigen Rapid Test (ART), within 48 hours before boarding. I have a proof of vaccination, what must I present at check-in and arrival immigration? Your ETD should be valid for at least 6 months. Shop and dine in the transit area before clearing immigration, Visit Jewel Changi Airport after clearing immigration, Leave the airport using public (e.g. I have a proof of vaccination issued in Singapore, what must I present at check-in and arrival immigration? What happens ifI do not have a mobile device to download the TraceTogether app? No, Are health screening procedures in place at airports and other ports of entry? CanI switch offmy mobile devices while in Singapore? Passengers departing from Mainland China will be allowed to transfer through Singapore Changi Airport en-route to their final destinations. If you are unable to make changes via Manage Booking or if your flights were redeemed or upgraded using miles, send us your booking change or refund request through the Assistance Request Form. You dont need a visa on your ETD when entering or transiting Singapore. Quarantine also applies to those who are ineligible to receive the vaccination e.g., children aged one year and below and individuals with contraindications. The TraceTogether App can be downloaded from theiOS App Store,Google Play Storeand Huawei App Gallery. What are the requirements to be eligible to travel to Singapore under the Vaccinated Travel Framework (VTF) arrangement? Travel requirements are subject to change at short notice by the issuing government authority. By entering your passport information, your country of departure and destination, and your vaccination status, you can quickly learn the effective rules and the . Click "View all" to read our travel advisories. Am I required to do any other COVID-19 testing when in Singapore? Under the VTF, am I required to take any pre-departure COVID-19 test? The test result certificate must be in English and state the following: You are responsible for makingyour own appointments with the testing institutions to takeyour pre-departure COVID-19 test. They can also generate a Vaccination Acceptance Letter via theVaccination Check Portalif they cannot access theirTraceTogetherorHealthHub apps. You must click on the ACTIVATE APP button on the Holding Screen immediately after you have cleared arrival immigration in Singapore. When staying/visiting China within 7 days of arrival. Travellers must ensure that they fulfil all other general entry requirements. "You can go through customs with your health declaration result, and China Customs may conduct random sampling inspections," it added. Full travel advice: Travel Those who test positive for COVID-19 typically receive care in private hospitals. Transiting Through Singapore 1. Entry requirements may change at short notice. Flights departing within 72 hours will be prioritised. What does fully vaccinated mean? Frequently Asked Questions on the Ministry of Health website. What information needs to be reflected on the vaccination certificates? To be eligible to travel to Singapore under the Vaccinated Travel Framework, you are required to: This information must be presented to check-in staff at your departure airport. As each token is uniquely tagged to each individual, visitors are reminded to carry their own tokens with them wherever they go, and not exchange their tokens with others. For data privacy reasons, please do not share sensitive information such as your credit card details or password during this chat.Close this message. Hong Kong residents will get 80,000 free airline tickets from July 2023 onwards, and should check the airline websites to see when the giveaways will begin. The pre-departure COVID-19 test must be taken at aninternationally accredited or recognised laboratory, clinic, or medical facility. We also highly recommend checking the official government website of your destination country for the latest information. Travellers must ensure that they fulfil all other general entry requirements below. By proceeding with this chat, you agree to our privacy policy and the terms and conditions of using our website and chatbot. Children under 2 years old do not need to test. What measures are in place to ensure a safe journey with Singapore Airlines? those that do not contain a QR code that we can scan to read and authenticate the travellers vaccination status) willnotbe accepted. This proof can be in any of the two forms listed below. Your pre-departure checklist: Secure tickets for any flight to Singapore This is one of the biggest steps for Singapore to make in reduction of COVID-19 protocols, . DoI need to show proof of travel insurance purchase whenI arrive in Singapore? From 13 February, all travellers can enter Singapore with no entry approvals, pre-departure tests, on-arrival tests, quarantine, and COVID-19 travel insurance required. Passengers are advised to check the latest travel information below or through the relevant local authorities before your trip. You are about to log out from corporate booking account.Do you want to continue? A combination of factors helps to mitigate the risks and safeguard the well-being of our customers and staff on board the aircraft. Before you travel, make sure to review the latest travel restrictions to ensure youre eligible to fly. Learn more about these requirements. If you are unvaccinated you must purchase travel insurance for the entire duration of their stay in Singapore, with a minimum coverage of S$30,000 for COVID-19-related medical treatment and hospitalisation costs, prior to travelling to Singapore. We know it's a hassle to switch browsers but we want your experience with CNA to be fast, secure and the best it can possibly be. This page reflects the UK governments understanding of current rules for people travelling on a full British Citizen passport from the UK, for the most common types of travel. If you change your SIM card but are still using the same mobile device, you will not need to download the TraceTogether app again. Some countries, airlines and vessel operators may require a pre-departure test result at check-in before you can board your flight or ship. Please check that your app has been updated to the latest version. Are you required to take an on-arrival COVID-19 test? Outside of Office Hours, contact: 6476-9100, Emergency Information for American Citizens. Bus / MRT) or private transport, the TraceTogether token the visitor is returning belongs to him/her; and, the visitor had made a deposit for the TraceTogether token being returned; and. If authorities suspect you're infected, you may need to stay in hospital or quarantine. We know travel restrictions may change at short notice. To get the best experience using our site, we recommend you upgrade to a newer browser please see our. Visitors who are unable to present a booking confirmation may be refused boarding by the airline. By choosing to go back, you'll be taken to the home page of our current website. Upgraded but still having issues? (A) a vaccination status on the TraceTogether app or HealthHub app; or It is no longer . Airlines + Airports . FAQs. Before boarding a flight to the United States, you are required to show a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 2 days before travel. Prior to 13 February 2023 unvaccinated people must show a pre-departure COVID-19 test and have travel insurance. An official website of the United States government. Travellers must ensure that they meet the entry requirements of their final destination. Last updated 13 February 2023, 18:00 (GMT +8). Persons who are medically unfit to be vaccinated are required to complete quarantine upon arrival into Singapore. PCR test results are still required for travellers from many countries, including the United States, South Korea and Japan. This is to ensure that unvaccinated short-term visitors will be able to bear the full cost of medical treatment, tests and isolation imposed on them for public health reasons, should they be suspected of being infected with COVID-19, or require medical treatment for COVID-19 while in Singapore. We at Philippine Airlines hope you are safe and well in these extraordinary times. Can I shop and dine at Changi Airport and visit Jewel Changi Airport upon arrival in Singapore? Everything you need to know before, during and after you travel to ensure your journey goes as smoothly as possible. Please refer to country-specific travel advisories to understand their entry requirements for fully vaccinated travellers. Travellers vaccinated outside of Singapore must be able to prove their vaccination status on boarding and at Singapore immigration. View the latest information about our current and upcoming flights. You must also retain the app on that device for the rest of your stay. Please note that you are responsible for complying with all travel requirements to enter your intended destination and transit country. 2023 Singapore Airlines. We have enhanced some of our policies to give you more flexibility due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, and uncertainties of travel. Unvaccinated children aged 13 and above are required to complete quarantine upon arrival into Singapore. You can change your cookie settings at any time. What happens when I land in Singapore? Singapore Airlines (SIA) said in a statement that it has started a new digital health verification process, which will be the first-ever based on the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Travel Pass framework. Travellers seeking to enterSingapore should comply with the prevailingPublicHealth as well as EntryRequirements listed belowto ensure a smooth journey. Up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination is required for new Permanent Residence, Long-Term Pass and Work Pass applications,as well as the renewal of Work Permit holders in the construction, marine and process sectors or residing in dormitories. Visitors, who have rented a mobile device from Changi Recommends, must carry it with them at all times during their stay in Singapore until it is returned to Changi Recommends. These items are also considered prohibited you cannot bring them into Singapore: See this complete list of prohibited items. Customers who wish to make changes to flights that were redeemed or upgraded with flight credits or miles, should also use the Assistance Request Form. No, from 22 February 2022 you are no longer required to undergo any additional testing, unless you are issued a Health Risk Notice as a close contact. Shouldyour COVID-19 treatment cost go beyond S$30,000,you will have to pay for the excess. If you still face issues, please email[emailprotected]with your query and details of the issue you are facing. Please see Checklist for Non-Fully Vaccinated Travellers Aged 13 and Above for more information. Quarantine Requirements: Passengers must have a COVID-19 PCR test taken at most 48 hours before first embarkation, without any stopover. Always check the latest travel advisory before your trip as entry requirements may change at short notice.Check advisories, Learn about transiting and lounge access in Singapore Changi Airport. Contact us, China says 200 million treated, pandemic 'decisively' beaten. Singapore entry details and exceptions Effective February 13, 2023 - There are no longer any COVID-19 measures for travelers arriving in Singapore, regardless of vaccination status or traveler profile. By choosing to go back, you'll be taken to the home page of our current website. Singapore has announced plans to further ease its COVID-19 travel requirements. What if I am unvaccinated or unable to be vaccinated? SeeChecklist for Non-Fully Vaccinated Travellers Aged 13 and Above. (Photo: AFP/WANG Zhao). nationwide easing of curbs last December. From 14 July 2021, individuals who have received COVID-19 vaccinations overseas with COVID-19 vaccinesauthorised by the Heath Sciences Authority under the Pandemic Special Access Route (PSAR) orlisted on the World Health Organisations Emergency Use Listing (WHO EUL) can have their vaccination records updated in the National Immunisation Registry (NIR) when they return to Singapore. No, Are U.S. citizens required to quarantine? Considering that the entry and exit regulations of each country may be changed at any time according to the epidemic situation, we urge that passengers have to check the relevant regulations on entry or transit in each country before taking the flight, and follow the latest official regulations issued by the governments of various countries . You will see the Holding Screen after you have registered your profile. What is a digitally verifiable vaccination certificate? At immigration clearance,you are to presentyour mobile device with the TraceTogether app already downloaded and registered. Heightened alert measuresare in place to contain growing COVID-19 cases. When departing from China, Hong Kong, Macau. Please click the links below for more information on accepted digitally verifiable vaccination certificates: I was diagnosed with COVID-19 and have since recovered. See SingaporeMinistry of Health websitefor the latest update. By using the website, you are agreeing to our. a valid visa (for visa-required visitors); and, Your Australian-issued International COVID-19 Vaccination certificate. A booster dose is not needed to meet this requirement. I am a fully vaccinated short-term visitor travelling to Singapore, should I get travel insurance even though it is not mandatory? This app . Overstaying is also a punishable offence in Singapore. Visitors, with mobile devices that are unable to download the TraceTogether app, can rent a compatible mobile device from the Changi Recommends websitehereprior to departing for Singapore. You can view and manage your cookie settings anytime. If you booked your flight through a travel agency or partner airline, please contact them directly for assistance. You must ensure you fulfil all other general entry requirements. The CDCs Order requiring proof of vaccination for non-U.S. citizen nonimmigrants to travel to the United States is still in effect. From 13 February 2023 there are no COVID-19 related requirements for entering Singapore. To avoid tests and quarantine, travellers must fulfil the public health requirements below. Ensure you check the latest government travel requirements before you travel. [Eligible travellers only] Self-administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART) remotely supervised by an approved ART provider in Singapore. Passengers prepare to check in at Daxing International airport in Beijing on Jan 19, 2023. Children who are aged 7 to 12 and those unable to use a mobile device due to a certified disability or special needs are eligible to be issued TraceTogether tokens with payment of a refundable S$50 deposit (in lieu of the requirement to have a mobile device with the TraceTogether app downloaded) at the Changi Recommends booth at Changi Airport upon arrival in Singapore. There is also an option for people who have documented recovery from COVID-19 in the past 90 days. For more information, please refer to Condition of Carriage , Articlev14 Administrative formalities . Transiting through Singapore Instead, eligible travellers flying directly to China can take anAntigen Rapid Test (ART), within 48 hours before boarding. They should contain QR code(s) that can be scanned to read and authenticate that the QR code was issued by a trusted issuer and that the QR code belongs to the individual presenting it. As such, posting of the advisories below is not real-time and serve only as a guide. Do I need to take a test at the airport? Check your visa requirements here. Are there COVID-related entry requirements for U.S. citizens? See guidelines for air/sea crew and pleasure craft owners. There areno restriction to travellers movement upon arrival at Singapore Changi Airport. Enrolled offline? Wed like to set additional cookies to understand how you use GOV.UK, remember your settings and improve government services. See the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. Your pre-departure checklist: Secure tickets for any flight to Singapore To continue, upgrade to a supported browser or, for the finest experience, download the mobile app. HONG KONG: People hoping to take advantage of a Hong Kong scheme to give away half a million free airline tickets faced hours-long online queues on Wednesday (Mar 1), as the Asian financial hub .

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singapore airlines covid requirements